04-14 -2022
Shaking Shoes - 2023 Spring and Summer Sports Shoes Trend

The most notable feature of the shaking shoes is the sole; the sole of the shaking shoes is an arc with a high middle and two low ends, and the arc sole gradually decreases from the center to the front and rear ends; in our inherent impression, the shaking shoes is a shoe that can be used to correct walking posture......

06-15 -2021
SS2022 Women's Shoes Buyer's Guide

In the post-epidemic era, the market has reignited the trend of consumption and dress up, but comfort is still the key point of design. Combined with the popularity of 2021 spring and summer shoes and the needs of current consumers, let's take a look at the 2022 spring and summer shoe trends......

03-19 -2021
AW21-22 Women's Shoes Trends

Shoes have the power to truly transform and inspire clothing. This year's so-called "ugly shoe" trend is furry boots, platform clogs and pointy-toe sneakers.....

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